Leading Edge Business SolutionsBenefits of Managed Services

  • The focus of Engineers is the long-term health and reliability of Client Networks.
  • All Networks are fully audited and documented so all internal Engineers can support and resolve problems on the Clients Network. This audit document also provides the Client with the comfort of knowing they have every detail of their environment’s configuration at hand should they choose to alter their support arrangements.
  • All Networks are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by leading edge Network management software which is configured to automatically remediate common issues, and notifies high level Engineers in real time of issues occurring on the Network.
  • The monitoring and remote support software allows for non intrusive support to take place without interruption to the end user or business operations.
  • Regular Network maintenance is performed with reports provided to the end user verifying the state of their backup data, Network health and performance, Network security and recommendations to ensure future reliability and performance of the environment.
  • Regular consultancy meetings are conducted with management to ensure Network operation and management is meeting expectations and to provide a platform for your business to leverage the relationship and get the most out of their environment.
  • Response times of Engineers are written into the Network management agreement, with guaranteed response times of less than one hour available.

Disadvantages to the Break/Fix Model

  • Little to no documentation on the environment, such as Network credentials, disaster recovery plans and Network configuration typically exists.
  • Onsite support requests are made for Client reported issues only so many critical functions such as backups, server health, virus definitions and windows updates are not monitored or tested on a regular basis, meaning there is no chance of early detection of issues.
  • Response times for complex issues requiring high level server Engineers typically exceed 2 business days.
  • The focus of the customer and technicians in a break/fix model is on fast, low cost resolution of customer detected issues, not the long term health of the Network environment, or in turn business continuity.
  • With no remote monitoring for detection and early remediation of issues, downtime is far greater and more frequent.
  • True cost to business is seen to be higher with the break/fix model, due to the inherent inefficiency of Network environments, extended response times and extended down time.

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